2017-04-06 11:43 am
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I am here!

After many years of thinking, 'I should probably get myself a Dreamwidth' it's finally happened.

The main motivating factor being that I just logged into LJ and a change of user agreement came up which freaked me out. So I didn't really want to read the whole thing, but I also didn't want to sign it in case Something Was Going On because I know there have been fandom issues with lj for quite a while now. So I did the only rational thing to do in that situation and looked up the livejournal tag on tumblr, which told me everyone was now moving here so I jumped on the bandwagon and here I am!

My Livejournal is by the same name, not sure whether I'm going to have to delete it yet, but I'm going to transport all my stuff over.
My Tumblr is thehorseofadifferentcolour. I don't really do much except reblog things but I'm always happy if people talk to me! Even if I don't always know how to respond! So say hi if you want. 

Gonna go see if I can figure out this dw thing now.